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The Deathisodes – Inside The Universe Of Horror


Melodic Death Metal

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Second album from this amazing collective of extremely talented UK artists. Raging melodic death metal for fans of Scar Symmetry and Soilwork. Based around one man (Alex Loader), this album features a multitude of guest musicians: Josh McMorran (Bloodshot Dawn), Benjamin Ellis (Bloodshot Dawn), Doug Anderson (Bloodshot Dawn), James Baille-Hamilton (Cryostorm), Jack Giddon (Cryostorm), Elliott Alderman-Bloom (Cambion) + MORE!!!

Track List:

  1. Dead Arising
  2. For Chaos Is Master
  3. Black Virus
  4. Whitechapel Mystery
  5. Hellbound
  6. Installation 4
  7. Spectral Wasteland
  8. Silenced To Decay
  9. Project Omega
  10. Nexus Of Fear
  11. Age Of Atrophy
  12. When Death Walks Behind