Primitive Graven Image – Traversing The Awesome Night

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Black Metal

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Product Description

Re-release of the bands debut cd with their demo, ‘Hellish Figurines’ included as bonus material. Includes updated cover and booklet art that logo master Christophe Szpajdel has created drawings for. This is an excellent opportunity to re-visit the bands earlier material and be a part of Primitive Graven Images’ history and development! Superb black metal. Limited Edition to 250 copies

Track List:

  1. Bringer Of Dark And Light
  2. None Shall Stand
  3. Design
  4. Fear And Fire
  5. The Journey To The Forest
  6. As I Wander
  7. Earth’s Wrath
  8. Battleride
  9. Victorious
  10. The Shriek of Death

Bonus tracks

  1. The Night Of Dokkalfur & Ljosalfur
  2. None Shall Stand
  3. Of What We Have Become
  4. The Journey To The Forest
  5. For All Mankind
  6. Blood Red Heart
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