Decimation – Bound For The Chamber


Brutal Death Metal

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Debut full length from this young brutal death metal band. Relentless, powerful and precise, this will definitely appeal to fans of Cannibal Corpse!

Track List:

  1. Utter Chaos Reigned
  2. Desiring The Dead
  3. Ineffective
  4. Depopulate
  5. Revulsion
  6. Expelled To The Furnace
  7. Bound For The Chambers
  8. Honour Killings
  9. Degrade The Body
  10. Paraphilia
  11. The Proliferation
  12. Slave To Faith

It has taken Decimation along time to release their début album, but it is definitely worth the wait. The band have obviously wanted to hone their skills as song writers before unleashing the brutality onto an unsuspecting underground scene. Brutal death metal that absolutely goes for the throat from the outset and never really lets go, loosening its grip slightly in places to let you draw breath before re-affirming its deadly hold. Its pure brutal death metal from start to finish, well played, interesting songs that pack such intensity that you really don’t want the album to end. A stunning, intense and massively brutal début album that comes extremely highly recommendedUKEM BLOG

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