Cruelty’s Heart – Rex Anglorvm Saxonvm


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Featuring six tracks of atmospheric black metal, this fantastic e.p. finally gets the tape release it truly deserves! Contains the previously unreleased demo ‘Die For Woden’ as bonus material.

Formats: Standard Black Tape (35 copies) and Collectors Edition White Tapes* (15 copies)

*Housed in a wooden Viking Sea Chest, hand crafted from Ash, with logo sticker, logo jacket patch and logo pin badge

Track List:


  1. Rex Anglorvm Saxonvm
  2. The Blood of The Wyvern
  3. Haraldr Sigurðsson
  4. Over The Rainbow Bridge
  5. A Ship Bound For Thule
  6. In King Hroðgar’s Hall


  1. The Pentacle, the Sword, the Wand, the Chalice
  2. Die For Woden
  3. Samhain
  4. The Heart of Cruelty