Ageless Oblivion

Ageless Oblivion – Penthos


Death Metal

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Supported by extremely favorable media acclaim and sharing stages with acts like Decapitated, Aeon, Cerebral Bore, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dyscarnate, Conan, Blood Red Throne & more, AGELESS OBLIVION now up the ante with “Penthos” and look forward to expand live activities while blessing us with an inspired, diverse and absolutely massive death metal epos. For fans of Nile, Morbid Angel etc

Track List:

  1. Wolf’s Head (04:05)
  2. The Midas Throat (06:48)
  3. Glacial Blood (06:11)
  4. Where Wasps Now Nest (12:21)
  5. Submergence (02:52)
  6. Furnace (07:14)
  7. Those Who Fed Of Light (06:48)
  8. A Crawling Ingression (04:50)
  9. Penthos: Lament (09:05)
  10. Penthos: Omnipresent (06:30)


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