New Band Announcement

I am very pleased to welcome to the UKEM Records roster black metal band Deadwood-Lake !!!

Deadwood Lake

The band are relative newcomers to the UK extreme metal scene but have set about gaining a very impressive reputation both through the bands two and one full length album and intense live performances.
Those familiar with the band will know the tragic circumstances under which the band was formed with the brother of Bruce (Bass/Vocals) being killed in a car accident and with this being the focus of the band’s lyrics and music. Having lost a brother myself to a motorbike accident, I can relate to the band on all levels so it’s great to get them on board!!

UKEM is set to release the bands second full length later in 2019 and demo tracks for this album are already being prepared. To celebrate the band joining the label we have brought into the store two of their most recent releases:

Forgotten Hymns:
Forest of Whispers:

With another black metal band joining the roster, Deadwood Lake have strengthened what the label already has to offer and will represent the label well through numerous planned live performances, one of which is Warhorns Festival 2019 where they will join fellow label mates Agrona!!!

Head over the bands Facebook page and give them a like:

Digital fans can download all of the bands releases via their Bandcamp page:


Here’s to an exciting 2019!!!


People reached



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Vegard Shirts Available

VEGARD shirts are up in the store now!!!
VEGARD shirt
sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL
logo front print | lyric back print | label logo sleeve prints
I have something really special planned for the ep release hence adding these shirts to the store to help fund my plans, so any orders will be most appreciated
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New Vegard Song!

Here it is!
the debut offering from Vegard.
this is the first time ever ‘Count Vornok’s vision has been heard.

note: this is the demo version of the opening track from the e.p that will be announced soon.
its an 8 minute monster, so please take time to listen to the full song in it’s hypnotic entirety

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New Band Announcement

I am very pleased to welcome to the label roster one man back metal band Vegard.
Having attained success on major labels in the past, ‘Count Vornok’ wishes to remain anonymous for this new project. 

Atmospheric black metal that dwells menacingly in the forest only, the bands online presence will be via this page and this page only – expect no band social media whatsoever.
More details of merch and release will follow in the coming weeks!

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Morti Viventi pre-orders

That’s right, four years after it’s original release on CD, the thrash metal masterpiece that is ‘The Day The Dead Returned…‘ is finally available on tape!!
Limited to 100 units (50x Red and 50x Blue) this is a must for all thrash fans! Note that if you are a collector there is a cheaper package price for both colours!
If you are in any doubt as to how good this album truly is, listen HERE
To pre-order your copy, click on the image below to be take to the webstore

Tape Flyer_web

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New Release Announced

UKEM Records are proud to announce we will be (jointly) releasing our first ever International band – on vinyl. Full release details:

Just one year after the release of their latest album, 2017’s You Owe, You Pay, long-running Switzerland-based slamming brutal death metal crew Carnal Decay is primed to unleash more gory rampaging music on July 20th. The group is proud to announce their forthcoming EP, When Push Comes To Shove, a 7-Inch vinyl format release.

When Push Comes To Shove will see release on Friday, July 20th through Rising Nemesis Records, along with a concurrent release through several labels from all over the globe including UKEM Records, Nice To Eat You RecordsSevared RecordsFat Tub Of Lard RecordsBrutal Mind and Pathologically Explicit Recordings. If heavy as hell brutality and an itch for nasty slams are what you crave, When Push Comes To Shove will more than please you.

Fans of IngestedDying FetusGorgasmAcraniusAnalepsy, and Vulvodynia will find much to enjoy on When Push Comes To Shove.

You can check out an extended teaser video for When Push Comes To Shove here:

When Push Comes To Shove EP track listing:

1. “When Push Comes To Shove”
2. “Food For Thought” (feat. Igor Fil of Katalepsy)
3. “We All Bleed Red”

Pre-Order links will be available soon for Limited Edition red vinyl, standard black vinyl and a package deal for both colours!

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Agrona Album Streaming!!

One week ahead of official release, ”Realm of The Fallen’ from Welsh black metal horde is streaming in full via the label’s bandcamp page!

Stream, Share, Buy, Support!

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New Wolfbastard album

We now taking orders for the second full length album ‘Graveyard Sessions‘ from D-Beat Black Metal sicko’s Wolfbastard.
Featuring 13 tracks of utter sickness, the band has once again delivered a truly memorable and devastating album.
Release is set for Friday 13th July and will be available in the following formats:
CD Digi-Pack | Digital
To pre-order your copy visit: HERE

Head over to the label’s YouTube, click subscribe and take a listen to a brand new song ‘Show Us Where You Piss From

Wolfbastard have really upped their game here so don’t miss out, pre-order to support this new release!!!!

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New Signing Announcement

Subservience photo with ukem logo_WEB

UKEM RECORDS are very pleased to welcome death metal band SUBSERVIENCE to the label roster! The band contacted me not long ago and after giving their last album, ‘Forest of The Impaled’ a listen, the decision to ask them to come on board was an easy one! Bringing Subservience to the label will definitely strengthen the roster and add different dimension to the bands we currently have.

Metal hammer recently quoted “[Subservience] mix modern advances in extremity with classic death metal brutality. Think Bolt Thrower fans who love Gojira, then add nastiness” so expect good things! If you are in any doubt, head over to the bands bandcamp page and check it out: HERE

Work has already begun on the follow up to ‘Forest of The Impaled’ with an expected release date set for late 2018, needless to say, if it be an ep or album, it will be utterly crushing!  If you want to check out the bands music video, head over to youtube and hit the like button: HERE

Please also head over to the bands page and show your support by clicking like: HERE

In support of bringing the band to the label I have stocked two of their releases in the web-store. Buying these will directly support both label and band!
Forest of The Impaled…/subservience-forest-of-the-…/
2018 is getting fucking heavy!!!

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New Agrona Track!!!

Agrona​ announcement number 2!!!
Please check out another new track taken from ‘Realm of The Fallen’. Listen, Like and Share this masterpiece!
Pre-Order information and release date will be available very soon!

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Agrona Artwork Revealed!!!


Here it is!!!!
Cover art for the debut full length album from Welsh black metallers Agrona​!
Created by the talented Misanthropic-Art​
Titled ‘Realm Of The Fallen’ this opus features 9 tracks of devastating black metal that will definitely appeal to fans of Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral etc.
We will also be unveiling a brand new track from this album, but if you haven’t heard the first ‘teaser track’ we released, head over to youtube to check it out: HERE
Please like the video and subscribe to the labels channel while you are there!

Release date, pre-order links and full track listing will follow in the coming weeks!

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Wretched Soul – Vinyl Pre-Orders

Very pleased to announce that the vinyl version of ‘The Ghost Road‘ by Wretched Soul is now available to pre-order!!!!!

LPflyer_webWith a new Full Dynamic Range re-master, this superb album sounds even better than ever!
Limited to just 300 units on red vinyl, there is also an LP+Flag package deal which is limited to 25 units!

LP+FLAG_web2Be quick, these will not hang around long (the digi-packs sold out in record time)
This new release comes in an ‘overbag’ with lyric sheet and download code also included.
This is also the label’s first ever dedicated vinyl release that we have released on our own, so if you can, pre-order and support!

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Thy Flesh Consumed – Pre-Orders!


Pre-orders are now available for the labels next release from Thy Flesh Consumed!
CD and CD+SHIRT package deals availabe
Package deals are limited to just 15 (3 available of each shirt size – S,M,L,XL,XXL)

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New Signing



UKEM Records are very pleased to announce the signing of Welsh black metal band Agrona! Formed in 2014, the band has quickly proven themselves to be a leading force in the UK Black Metal scene culminating in the bands 2016 appearance at Bloodstock Open Air after winning the Metal To The Masses competition.
In 2017, Agrona entered Woodcroft Audio Studios to record their Debut full length album which features 50 minutes of blackened metal savagery. Entitled “Realm of The Fallen”, UKEM Records will release this opus both on cd and digital platforms (release date TBC). For a taste of what to expect visit:


Please welcome the band to the label by heading over to the bands facebook page and hit the like button:

Fans of Dark Funeral, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir etc should really enjoy their debut full length offering!
In the coming weeks and months we will be revealing the full track-listing, cover art for “Realm of The Fallen” as well as a brand new music video. This is also another first for the label, Agrona being the first Welsh extreme metal band to join the roster.

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Thy Flesh Consumed – New Release!!


front cover

Band: Thy Flesh Consumed
Release: UKEM-CD-035 – Her Name Is His Password
Formats: CD | Digital
Listen Here:…/thy-flesh-consumed-at-least-we-can…
Band Page:
Release Date: T.B.C

2018 starts with a bang! Not only do we have the second ep from death/grind mob Human Mycosis out on the 26th January, we now have the latest sick offering from death/slam crew Thy Flesh Consumed!!!

More details will follow in due course.

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Card Payments Accepted!

Credit and debit cards can now be accepted in the web-store! It’s a very simple process, simply checkout as normal and tick the ‘terms and conditions’ box and then your purchase will be processed as normal. Tests have been done and this new process is working well now. There is a full list of ‘terms and conditions’ on the ‘About’ page should you wish to read through them all.

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Human Mycosis Art Revelaed

pink eye ep1 - web

Here is is guys! The cover art for the label’s next release from Human Mycosis

[UKEM-CD-034] Human Mycosis – Pile Pillow Pinkeye

Featuring 4 tracks of death/grind madness:
1. Lawnmower organ donor
2. Skidmarks on my pillow
3. Treehouse porn stash
4. Too many cocks spoil the muff

Final mixes are currently being worked on now! A ‘teaser’ track will be posted up in due course, but initial test mix tracks are sounding great!
As promised, there is silliness abound – that said, the music is sounding punishing…be prepared!

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New Digital Release

Very pleased to announce that UKEM Records will be releasing the brand new single ‘Cosmic Dreams’ from progressive death/thrash outfit Cryptic Shift!!!

CRYPTIC SHIFT LOGOThis new single will be a ‘digital only’ release on Friday 28th April and will be available to stream/download via the labels bandcamp page HERE as well as all the usual online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Googleplay etc.

cover_webIf you are not familiar with the band, they incorporate a unique blend of brutal grooves, high speed riffs and gruesome sci-fi elements, inspired by the likes of Death, Voivod, Morbid Angel and Revocation.

Cryptic Shift bandHaving recently supported Vektor on their recent UK/Ireland tour, plans are now underway for European live dates!

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New Distribution Agreement

In a deal agreed yesterday, I am very pleased to confirm that UKEM Records is now the ‘Official UK Distributor’ for the mighty Sevared Records!!

sevared-records-logo_largeThis means i will now be bringing all of the labels new releases into the UK as well as re-stocking selected older titles.
Having traded with Barrett and Sevared Records for some years this is a step up in our partnership and Barrett seems as excited as i am for this new venture.
First of the new titles to come in are albums from Horde Casket and Dying, two extremely brutal new albums. Both are now available to order from the store using the links below (click on the cover art to order)

DYING- No Mercy For Us

More news on new releases coming soon!

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