New Agrona Track!!!

Agrona​ announcement number 2!!!
Please check out another new track taken from ‘Realm of The Fallen’. Listen, Like and Share this masterpiece!
Pre-Order information and release date will be available very soon!

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Agrona Artwork Revealed!!!


Here it is!!!!
Cover art for the debut full length album from Welsh black metallers Agrona​!
Created by the talented Misanthropic-Art​
Titled ‘Realm Of The Fallen’ this opus features 9 tracks of devastating black metal that will definitely appeal to fans of Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral etc.
We will also be unveiling a brand new track from this album, but if you haven’t heard the first ‘teaser track’ we released, head over to youtube to check it out: HERE
Please like the video and subscribe to the labels channel while you are there!

Release date, pre-order links and full track listing will follow in the coming weeks!

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Wretched Soul – Vinyl Pre-Orders

Very pleased to announce that the vinyl version of ‘The Ghost Road‘ by Wretched Soul is now available to pre-order!!!!!

LPflyer_webWith a new Full Dynamic Range re-master, this superb album sounds even better than ever!
Limited to just 300 units on red vinyl, there is also an LP+Flag package deal which is limited to 25 units!

LP+FLAG_web2Be quick, these will not hang around long (the digi-packs sold out in record time)
This new release comes in an ‘overbag’ with lyric sheet and download code also included.
This is also the label’s first ever dedicated vinyl release that we have released on our own, so if you can, pre-order and support!

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Thy Flesh Consumed – Pre-Orders!


Pre-orders are now available for the labels next release from Thy Flesh Consumed!
CD and CD+SHIRT package deals availabe
Package deals are limited to just 15 (3 available of each shirt size – S,M,L,XL,XXL)

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New Signing



UKEM Records are very pleased to announce the signing of Welsh black metal band Agrona! Formed in 2014, the band has quickly proven themselves to be a leading force in the UK Black Metal scene culminating in the bands 2016 appearance at Bloodstock Open Air after winning the Metal To The Masses competition.
In 2017, Agrona entered Woodcroft Audio Studios to record their Debut full length album which features 50 minutes of blackened metal savagery. Entitled “Realm of The Fallen”, UKEM Records will release this opus both on cd and digital platforms (release date TBC). For a taste of what to expect visit:


Please welcome the band to the label by heading over to the bands facebook page and hit the like button:

Fans of Dark Funeral, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir etc should really enjoy their debut full length offering!
In the coming weeks and months we will be revealing the full track-listing, cover art for “Realm of The Fallen” as well as a brand new music video. This is also another first for the label, Agrona being the first Welsh extreme metal band to join the roster.

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Thy Flesh Consumed – New Release!!


front cover

Band: Thy Flesh Consumed
Release: UKEM-CD-035 – Her Name Is His Password
Formats: CD | Digital
Listen Here:…/thy-flesh-consumed-at-least-we-can…
Band Page:
Release Date: T.B.C

2018 starts with a bang! Not only do we have the second ep from death/grind mob Human Mycosis out on the 26th January, we now have the latest sick offering from death/slam crew Thy Flesh Consumed!!!

More details will follow in due course.

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Card Payments Accepted!

Credit and debit cards can now be accepted in the web-store! It’s a very simple process, simply checkout as normal and tick the ‘terms and conditions’ box and then your purchase will be processed as normal. Tests have been done and this new process is working well now. There is a full list of ‘terms and conditions’ on the ‘About’ page should you wish to read through them all.

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Human Mycosis Art Revelaed

pink eye ep1 - web

Here is is guys! The cover art for the label’s next release from Human Mycosis

[UKEM-CD-034] Human Mycosis – Pile Pillow Pinkeye

Featuring 4 tracks of death/grind madness:
1. Lawnmower organ donor
2. Skidmarks on my pillow
3. Treehouse porn stash
4. Too many cocks spoil the muff

Final mixes are currently being worked on now! A ‘teaser’ track will be posted up in due course, but initial test mix tracks are sounding great!
As promised, there is silliness abound – that said, the music is sounding punishing…be prepared!

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New Digital Release

Very pleased to announce that UKEM Records will be releasing the brand new single ‘Cosmic Dreams’ from progressive death/thrash outfit Cryptic Shift!!!

CRYPTIC SHIFT LOGOThis new single will be a ‘digital only’ release on Friday 28th April and will be available to stream/download via the labels bandcamp page HERE as well as all the usual online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Googleplay etc.

cover_webIf you are not familiar with the band, they incorporate a unique blend of brutal grooves, high speed riffs and gruesome sci-fi elements, inspired by the likes of Death, Voivod, Morbid Angel and Revocation.

Cryptic Shift bandHaving recently supported Vektor on their recent UK/Ireland tour, plans are now underway for European live dates!

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New Distribution Agreement

In a deal agreed yesterday, I am very pleased to confirm that UKEM Records is now the ‘Official UK Distributor’ for the mighty Sevared Records!!

sevared-records-logo_largeThis means i will now be bringing all of the labels new releases into the UK as well as re-stocking selected older titles.
Having traded with Barrett and Sevared Records for some years this is a step up in our partnership and Barrett seems as excited as i am for this new venture.
First of the new titles to come in are albums from Horde Casket and Dying, two extremely brutal new albums. Both are now available to order from the store using the links below (click on the cover art to order)

DYING- No Mercy For Us

More news on new releases coming soon!

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Distribution Agreement

In a deal agreed yesterday, I am very pleased to confirm that UKEM Records is now the ‘Official UK Distributor’ for the mighty Comatose Music!!
This means i will now be bringing all of the labels new releases into the UK as well as re-stocking selected older titles.
Having traded with Steve and Comatose for some years this is a step up in our partnership and Steve seems as excited as i am for this new venture.
First of the new titles to come in are albums from Aborted Fetus and Antropofagus, two extremely brutal new albums. Both are now available to order from the store (click on the cover art to order)

Antropofagus - Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration


Details of more new releases to come in will follow soon!
Thank you for your support!!!

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New Signing Announced

UKEM Records are very pleased to announce the signing of Cornwall based death metal band HUMAN MYCOSIS!!


Having heard the band’s debut e.p. ‘Scattsville’, I knew it was a band that would sit very well on the label’s roster, but it was their appearance at this year’s ‘UKEM: Disciples of Extremity’ all-dayer that really affirmed my determination to have them on the label, having put in an absolutely punishing and devastating performance, gaining praise from many in attendance that day. The band has honed their live performances supporting the likes of Unfathomable Ruination, Desecration, Inebrious Incarnate, Warpath, Monolithian, Warcrab and Ascaris.


We are set to release the band’s second (as yet untitled) e.p. later in 2017. For a taste of what you can can expect, head over and take a listen to the song ‘Foaming At The Muff’ from their debut release: HERE

Please also head over to their Facebook page and hit the like button: HERE

New Death metal finally back on the label – feels very good! Hopefully everyone else thinks the same!!!

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Bloodstock 2017 tickets

Planning on attending this years Bloodstock Festival? UKEM Records is a BOA affiliate which means you can purchase tickets for the festival via our affiliate link! The link takes you to the normal ticket ordering site and is registered to UKEM. Simply click on the banner to be directed to the Bloodstock ticket site!

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New Solitary Album


Very pleased to reveal the cover art for the forthcoming album from thrash metal band Solitary which has been produced by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art.

Release is set for Friday 3rd March and will be available as a cd digi-pack, shirt/cd package deal and digital download.

Titled “The Diseased Heart of Society” and featuring 10 tracks of aggressive UK thrash metal, the genre has never sounded more potent and powerful than it does in the hands of the UK’s Solitary. Adding that final touch of class, Stan Havard from friends Xentrix laid down some blistering guest lead guitar work!!!

Track Listing:
1.Blackened Skies
3.Trigger Point Atrocity
4.Anthem Of Regret
5.Architects Of Shame
6.The Diseased Heart Of Society
8.The Words Define
9.The Edge Of Violence
10.Humanity’s Decline

Legendary producer Simon Efemey (Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Napalm Death etc) was brought on board to ensure the perfect sound, which he has achieved hands down!

If you havent heard the ‘teaser’ track, head over to youtube and take a listen, the lyric video also produced by Andy at Very Metal Art: HERE

Links are now active for pre-orders, with package deals limited to just 50!

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New Signing Announced


UKEM records are pleased to welcome extreme thrash band SOLITARY to the labels roster!!

We are set to release the bands brand new album in March 2017. For a first taste of what to expect from the album that is destined to redefine just how good British thrash metal can be, check out the savage new digital single, ‘Unidentified’ which is available for download from today, from the band’s Bandcamp page:


A powerful new video has also been created to support the single, in conjunction with Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, who supplied the latest artwork for thrash legends Flotsam & Jetsam. Check it out here:

Speaking about the new deal with UKEM, Solitary front man Rich Sherrington commented…
We are all very proud of the songs on this album, so it was essential that we signed to a label with the same level of enthusiasm – and with UKEM we have found the perfect match. Having been on UK labels previously we were keen for that to continue and having UKEM join our existing team of metal brothers can only mean that more people will get to hear and experience our metal.”


2017 promises to be an incredible year for Solitary as they forge ahead in partnership with UKEM. Along with the release of the album there will be a host of prestigious live shows with a prime slot at Hammerfest and playing alongside UK thrash stalwarts Acid Reign, in London, already confirmed.
Watch this space for updates…

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Wretched Soul – More Release Details announced!


Very pleased to announce that the release date for ‘The Ghost Road’ from Wretched Soul will be Friday 2nd December. The album will be available in the following formats:

CD Digi-Pack | CD Digi-Pack & Shirt Package Deal | Digital.

European distribution and worldwide digital distribution is once again via Plastic Head.

Cover art is via renowned artist Dan Goldsworthy (Accept, Hell, Sylosis etc.) – im sure you will agree that it is a stunning cover and definitely suits the bands style perfectly!

There are 8 tracks in total, all of which absolutely slay!

1-Necromancer (0:00)
2-War Wolf (4:45)
3-The Silent God (8:53)
4-The Great Destroyer (13:49)
5-Bury The Heretic (18:02)
6-I am The Thunderer (23:14)
7-We made The Gods (28:24)
8-The Ghost Road (33:03)

If you havent heard the preview track ‘War Wolf’ already then head over to the labels bandcamp page and take a listen: HERE

Digi-packs are available to pre-order now HERE
However, the exclusive CD & Shirt package deal will be available very soon, the shirt featuring the cover art and limited to 50 packages, so if your’e interested in the shirt and cd, hang fire – the link will be available very soon!!

Finally, please share this post, spread the good news!!!

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New Signing Announced!

UKEM Records are extremely pleased to welcome to the roster Blackened Heavy metal outfit WRETCHED SOUL. Following periods of relentless gigging around the UK, the band has honed an exciting and unique sound all its own, with their potent melding of Death, Thrash, Black and Traditional Heavy Metal offering brutality and melody in equal measure.


The band has quickly gained an international reputation for their intense and genuinely engaging live shows; participating in tours with Onslaught, Nervosa, Orange Goblin, Savage Messiah, Vreid, Mercenary, Omnium Gatherum, Brutal Truth, Extreme Noise Terror, 1349 and Taake, among others as well as appearances at Bloodstock and Incineration Festival.


Penned in for a late 2016 release, UKEM Records will release their brand new album entitled ‘The Ghost Road’ which was Recorded and Produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest’s “Painkiller”, Black Sabbath, King Diamond, Exodus etc) and was Mastered by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Dissection, Katatonia etc) and this is the first time that these two legendary producers have worked together on the same recording, the results are an old-school vibe with modern power!

Artwork, full track listing and release date announcements will follow in due course.

This is an extremely exciting addition to the label roster and once again marks a positive step forward in the labels development and growth.

Head over to the bands Facebook page and give them a like:

For a sample of what to expect from the album, head over the label souncloud page and take a listen to ‘War Wolf’:

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Loyalty Scheme Launched

The decision has been taken to launch a customer loyalty scheme, used as a ‘thank you‘ to everyone that shops in the webstore. It’s a very basic scheme in that for every order placed points are earned. Once a customer reaches 10 points they are entitled to a FREE cd with a value of anything up to £10. If you are a vinyl collector, save your points up and when you get to 20 points, chose a FREE vinyl!

The software installed into the store keeps a count of points earned each time a customer buys from the store, so its going to be very easy. I will also ensure that every customers points total is being counted  correctly and kept up to date.

Even if you don’t realise you have reached a total which earns a FREE title, don’t worry, you will be contacted via email reminding you that you can chose your FREE item

This is brand new and is a work in progress so i will be developing things in the coming weeks. Hopefully there wont be any ‘teething problems’, but if there are I will endeavour to resolve any issue immediately.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email: [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Collecting!

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Northern Oak Pre-Order!

cover art

The labels next release is now available to pre-order!

[UKEM-CD-029] Nothern Oak – Triptych
Released: 26.08.16
Format: Glossy Digi-Pack CD
Pre-Order: HERE
Bonus Material **

Track List:
1 – The Court of Owls
2 – Ellan Vannin
3 – A Portrait
4 – The Court of Owls (Instrumental)
5 – Ellan Vannin (Instrumental)
6 – A Portrait (Instrumental)
7 – Greensleeves (Re-Mixed)**
8 – In These Hills (2012 Re-Mix)**
9 – Castles (2014 Demo)**
10 – Taken (Live)**

Fantastic black metal with massive folk influences that also incorporates traditional instruments such as flutes! For a preview, head over the the label’s Soundcloud page and take a listen: HERE

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New Release Announcement

UKEM Records are very pleased to announce that we will be releasing ‘Triptych’ by folk/black metallers Northern Oak!! Originally planned as a digital only release via a Kickstarter campaign, a physical release will now see the light of day for those that prefer physical copies! This release was a ‘fond farewell’ to their fans, being the bands last release before they decided to call it a day sadly.

cover art

No release date has been set, but the layout is already being worked on and will be released as a glossy digi-pack and will also feature some very special ‘bonus material’ to set it aside from the digital version and make this release that more bit unique. Also featured will be the three original tracks (24 minutes worth of music!!) alongside instrumental versions of each track.
If you haven’t heard these fantastic songs, head over to label soundcloud page and have a listen to the featured track here:

Release date will be scheduled very soon, so keep an eye out on the label page for more information. Very much looking forward to this release having been a fan of the band for many years now!
Both of their previous releases are available in the webstore now, so if you haven’t got them, support the band and grab a copy!

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