First Tape Release!

In another first for the label, we can now reveal that we will be releasing our first ever tape release! [UKEM-MC-001] This first release will be from Atmospheric Black Metal band Exsequor. ‘For The Fallen’ was originally a self-release CD, but now we are set to give this fantastic e.p. the label release it truly deserves! Release date is set for the 27th May.

Exsequor Cover

Limited to 100 units, the tapes will come in two variations, one yellow tape and one red tape. Side A will feature the ‘For The Fallen’ e.p. with Side B featuring the bands previously unreleased demo. Included in the booklet artwork will be an exclusive download discount code which will offer 50% OFF the original download price!

for the fallen flyer

Both colour tapes are available on their own, or there is the option to buy both colour tapes at a fantastic package price. All three options are available HERE

New Burial album

CD DigiPak 4 Panel 1 Tray

Very pleased to reveal the details for the labels next release!! Featuring 10 tracks of scathing and hate-filled black metal – for fans of Tsjuder and (early) Satyricon.

Burial – Unholy Sedition
Release Date: 29.04.16

Track List:
1. Infernal Spirit
2. Malevolent Possession
3. Satanic Immolation
4. Coven of Death
5. Nothing Awaits
6. Defile The Sacrament
7. Cast To The Flames
8. Beyond Redemption
9. Devoured By The Earth
10. Nun Fucking Black Metal

Format: Digi-Pack CD | Shirt | CD&Shirt Package Deal

Burial - Package deal

Pre-order Here:


Listen to a ‘teaser’ track: HERE