Exsequor release put on hold

Unfortunately the planned release from Exsequor has been put on hold indefinitely. Gutted about this, but the man behind the band has his reasons. We have spoken today and are in mutual agreement that its the right thing to do for now. I am still hoping that a release will go ahead sometime in the future, but for now, the release in on hold. Whilst speaking to Drew (the man behind the band) he said “I have two new songs written, one of them being the strongest material I have written to date“, so hopefully, sometime in the future, UKEM will bring you a new release from  Exsequor. Watch this space!

Wolfbastard Pre-Orders

Wolfbastard - Cover Art

Our new release from Wolfbastard is now available to pre-order! It is the labels first digi-pack release in around three years and the design is looking fantastic! Featuring twelve tracks of D-Beat black metal, the band take their influence from the likes of Discharge, Darkthrone, Natterfrost and Tsjuder. Released on 02.10.15, you can get your copy here: Order Here