Frostwork signs to UKEM Records

UKEM Records are very pleased to announce the signing of one man black metal band Frostwork. Dagon is the one man behind the misanthropy and  following on from the success of his recently released album ‘Lore of Winter – Ealdspell’, he is set to unleash new material for a split album (with the recently signed Cruelty’s Heart) due for release in early 2014.
frostwork-dagon-295x300Dagon & Frostwork delve deep into Nature, Winter and Folklore with the end  result being extremely bleak, cold, harsh and misanthropic black metal. Head over to the bands facebook page here and show your support:
For those that have not heard the band before, click on the link, here’s what you can expect from him. Further news on this split release will follow. I’m sure everyone will agree with us that Frostwork are another excellent addition to the labels roster.

Necrogrinder unveil new song.

Brutal death/grind mob Necrogrinder have unleashed a new track from their forthcoming e.p. ‘The Bunty Man’ Entitled ‘Compostmortem’, it is an absolutely punishing and slamming slab of brutal death/grind and is a great ‘teaser’ for the e.p. Preparations are in the advanced stage for the e.p. with cover art complete and inlays etc currently being worked on. Expect a Summer release.

Band page:

Cover art for ‘The Bunty Man’

the bunty man cover