Northern Darkness Festival

Very pleased to announce that UKEM RECORDS are now an official sponsor of THE NORTHERN DARKNESS FESTIVAL!!! what a line up there is already, gonna be the festival to be at this year i think with alot of UK bands playing. head over and visit the Facebook page etc and show your support! visit:

Northern Darkness webBanner1

Some of the bands confirmed so far are: Napalm Death, Ragnarok, Enthroned, Hour Of Penance, Unfathomable Ruination, Old Corpse Road, Graveworm, Desecration + loads more! Tickets are up on pre-order now from: This is gonna be some festival and UKEM will be there to experience the brutality!

Primitive Graven Image – Teaser track unleashed!

UKEM Records have teamed up with Envenomation Music to jointly re-release that bands debut album ‘Traversing The Awesome Night’. The re-release will feature new artwork, extensive liner notes and will feature the bands demo ‘Hellish Figurines’ as bonus material. This is an excellent opportunity to re-visit the bands earlier material and be apart of Primitive Graven Images’ history and development! Also, Logo master Christophe Szpajdel is currently working on the bands logo with the newly styled version being featured on this re-release!!

Release date is scheduled for 01.08.13