Another signing announced

UKEM RECORDS are extremely proud to announce that we have teamed up with one man killing machine FOUL BODY AUTOPSY to officially release and distribute the bands forthcoming debut full length album. Set for a January 2013 release, the yet untitled album will absolutely slay and we as a label are super pleased to be teaming up with such a talented individual! Check out this video for a taste of what to expect!

Head over to the bands facebook pahe and lend him your support!

Another new signing!

UKEM RECORDS are extremely pleased to announce the signing of Brutal Death/Grind outfit ‘NECROGRINDER’.

Hailing from Sheffield, this brutal 4 piece have their feet firmly rooted in uncompromising death/grind. Formed at the arse-end of 2008, the ‘grinder’ continues to offer up a backstreet abortion of brutal, groove-laden riffage, crushing blasts & ultra- guttural vocals. Expect an early 2013 release which will feature brand new tracks as well as the bands two previous e.p’s as bonus material! Time to fucking SLAM!

Here’s a taste of what to expect from the band!


Joining Forces!

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Grind Scene Records, to work with their street team for promotional purposes. Our web-store will be stocking ALL of their new releases and they have agreed to stock/trade UKEM Records releases. We will continue to promote each others labels and releases on a regular basis, ensuring that two small UK based labels can ‘spread their message’ to a wider audience.

We have been trading releases with Grind Scene since the label was started back in November 2011, but this agreement ‘concretes the deal’, which we’re really pleased with. It’s great to work with another label so closely, and we’re sure both labels will see the benefit of working together in such a way.

Next release up from Grind Scene is the new Zombified, which promises to be a killer release and needless to say, will be available through the web-store.